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Why Exodus…

This blog is from my Bible Study, Miracles of the Exodus: Red Sea to the Ten Commandments. For those of you who are curious what the Bible Study may include, I wanted to open up about where the inspiration for the Bible Study began and how it ventured into what it is now…

My Sweet Friends,
God placed this study on my heart months before I ever understood why. As a seminary student examining the Old Testament, I was constantly drawn to the Exodus; maybe it was the lavish detail of the culture of Egypt, maybe it was connecting the story of Moses with my childhood memories of “The Prince of Egypt,” or maybe it was the thought of the Israelites leaving everything they had ever known, clearly called by God, to pick up and leave for the unknown.

January 2022, peering down the long country road ahead of me, train tracks to my left and old country houses, pastures and anticipating gardens to my right, my eyes were desperately set on what was ahead. I used to drive this same road as a child- yes, I said drive as a child. I remember sitting in my daddy’s lap in our old farm truck, two hands on the wheel, but too short to reach the pedals. I was giddy with excitement with a hint of fear in the back of my mind, but I knew my daddy was in control; he wasn’t going to let me crash. We traveled this way every time we were able to spend a day on our land; the land I now get to call my home. I missed that feeling on this particular day though. Peering ahead and praying fervently, “God, what is it that you are trying to teach me? I can hold the wheel, but I’m not in control.”

This study of the Exodus had begun to set a flame in my heart, igniting the idea of writing a Bible study and maybe some books, and even pursuing speaking engagements or stages to preach on, a whole new career. Thirty-two, working my dream job that I was able to create for myself, amazing students, great co-workers, benefits; “I am supposed to be set until retirement!” I thought. But my heart was stirring, my dreams were changing, and as I drove down this road, I pleaded with God to show me the theme of this Exodus study, the relationship to my life and where I am called to go. And then I heard Him loud and clear…

He told the Israelites to leave.
He told the Israelites He has a better place for them. He told the Israelites to trust Him along the way.

I pray this study reveals even more to you about who our God is. I pray you see His goodness and provision, that you see He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. And I pray that it blesses you in your everyday life, remembering each day is truly a miracle.

In Christ,

Sarah Williams

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