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I promise God’s plan is much bigger and much better than your own… Trust me sis.

“They told me my life was over, they told me I made the biggest mistake ever”

I’m just a product of a Bible Belt born and raised family. But when I got pregnant at 19 everything changed. There were no congratulations or happy tears… Instead they told me my life was over, they told me I had made the biggest mistake ever.

The shotgun wedding bliss ended abruptly and I found myself abandoned at three months pregnant. I won’t get into specifics or the nitty gritty, but I will tell you, “nothing is impossible with God.”

I finished my bachelors degree, and my master’s degree. I cheered for the New Orleans Saints as an NFL Cheerleader for three years. I coached a college dance team, created my own dance program at my old high school, which was my dream job! I met the man of my dreams and got married ten years after I had my baby girl, and within a year was crowned Mrs. Mississippi 2020. Oh, and I’m in seminary at NOBTS getting a Masters in Theological Studies! Ain’t God just crazy! I can’t wait to tell you more as we continue on this journey together! Just my few words of advice, don’t ever give up hope friend, don’t ever give up hope.

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