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Our Mission

Every story is written differently.

There may be some similarities we can point out, but ultimately, no two people have the exact same story.

God has a way of writing each step, choice, and outcome with such unique precision, that makes each story valuable and worthy of being told.

Our Savior is the Redeemer of all stories… He writes each story with one foundation that is all the same… Hope.

Although we may all be different, we all share the same desperate plea for hope.. Hope for peace, hope for understanding, hope for relief, hope for love. 

Throughout my life, and my story, I have realized that it’s not about the big goals, the big successes, or even the low valleys of desperation that matter…  it’s about simply telling my story. Every ear that hears it can relate in their own way, to their own circumstances. With the Reach Just One Ministry, I hope to create a “Hub for Hope from the Gospel”.  A place where stories of all shapes and sizes can be shared, heard, and in return… maybe just one will be reached with some hope for tomorrow.

Hope only Jesus Christ can give. Don’t be scared to tell your story, together we can all Reach Just One.

In Christ,


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