5.5 Simple Ways to Change your Focus

“Set your mind on things above, not on earthly things.” Colossians 3:2 NIV

It’s hard. I get it. There are things around us that we are so accustomed to that we don’t even consider it sin or harmful to our spiritual walk. These things are all around us, and are hindering our generation to become spiritually strong and biblically bold. I want to challenge you in this new year to hang tight to these super simple ways to change your focus during your days, every day! When I started to be intentional about my walk with Christ, my entire life changed – simply because my eyes shifted from the things of this world, to things above.


  1. Clean up your social media.

The average human spends almost 2 hours a day browsing social media sites. That’s a lot of staring and swiping. Now, I’m not hounding you for staring at your phone too much, I’m totally guilty, but be careful what you’re staring at for those 2 hours of your day. Clean out your accounts! I love a good account that posts hilarious memes, but you have to start asking yourself, “does this help me grow spiritually?” Start unfollowing the earthly, then start following all the spiritually positive! There are tons of instagrams, twitters, whatever else that posts scripture, mission work, biblical truths, etc. Just start searching so your eyes are being more focused on Jesus and your friendship with him, rather than the things of this world.

Some of my favorites are: @Wellwateredco and @wellwateredwomen – founded by Gretchen Saffles. Literally one of my favorites!! Check her out. @Soulscripts – founded by Jordan Lee Dooley. There’s a whole sisterhood you can join for just $4.99 a month or just follow her social medias for blogs and awesome inspiration. For goals and dreams: @cultivatewhatmatters founded by Lara Casey. @TerrisavelleFoy is super passionate about dreams and goals and Jesus. @dailygraceco and @shereadstruth are also great resources. Just start looking, you can even follow your favorite Christian bands, speakers, and writers! Start making those 2 hours worth your time and your focus!

*** added in note – I personally had to unfollow multiple accounts about fitness, fashion and style, and even like makeup because at times I would ask myself, “Why don’t I look like that.” “I wish I had that, or could look that way.” Yuck, talk about a bad focus!


  1. Find some Jesus Jams.

I’m in my car probably more than I am my actual jobs in a day. That time away from everyone and everything is one of my favorite times of the day. It’s the perfect time to shift your focus! Now, I know what a lot of you are thinking. “Christian music is so boring, there’s nothing I want to listen to.” I get it, butttttt I think you’re wrong. Christian music has not held back these days. There are all kinds of Jesus Jams out there; you just have to be willing to find them. Klove, Pandora stations, even Spotify playlists, I guarantee you can find something that will alter your focus. If you’re not a big music person, that’s fine, find an audio book, audio sermon, podcasts, anything to take your mind back to where it needs to be, with Jesus, and on the road of course, but with Jesus. Terri Savelle Foy has some awesome audio type pep talks that encourage you to shift your focus and work on your goals. As far as podcasts or sermons on audio, I love to listen to Richard Ellis. Look him up! His sermons are crisp, clear, and Christ focused. I usually listen to them while I am cleaning the house, but whatever floats your boat. I’m usually just a car worshiper, I just need to work on keeping both hands on the wheel and my eyes open at all times. The Holy Spirit can just get ya sometimes!


Okay Number 3. I love a good Gilmore Girl marathon, but we gotta start using our resources to bring the focus back.

Netflix has a mass amount of resources to help you focus on Jesus. True story. When I started intensely reading the bible because I wanted to know historically how this all actually happened, I realized Netflix has Bible episodes that follow through the books and stories of the Bible! I followed along with my Bible to be sure each episode was true to word and it is, so if you “hate reading,” you’re welcome. I also started watching some of the movies such as Esther, Son of Man, Case for Christ, and the biblical kids movies with my daughter. Currently we have a strange obsession with the American Bible Trivia Game on Netflix, helped me realize I know close to nothing about the people and places that God so strategically planned to bring in Jesus… kind of pathetic… anyway. You got a lunch break? Watch a Youtube sermon – Priscilla Shirer is a totally ballin’ woman of Jesus and when I watch her talk for 30 minutes while eating a sandwich, I suddenly remember who my creator is, and that I can take on the world. Check her out, she loves Jesus, she’ll tell you what’s up… and she’ll bring your focus straight up to where it needs to be. I know I sound like the lonely single girl, but for real for real… on a weekend night, shift your focus, watch a sermon, watch some Bible on the Netflix… Jesus isn’t boring, the devil just wants you to think that.


  1. Spread scripture around like it’s glitter!

Just kidding, but really. My life is busy, I’m always running around like a crazy person and trying to get things accomplished. There are a million things on my mind in an hour. So to remind myself constantly to focus on Jesus, I started putting scripture and truths and other reminders around my house, car, and work in order to bring my chaotic brain back to the real focus. Frame some hymns, frame scripture, get some truth cards and tape them everywhere, use magnets on the fridge, screen savers, phone wallpaper, buy a shirt that says “Not Today Satan,” or a coffee mug that has scripture! Don’t let your mind slip, help remind yourself to focus back on Jesus!


  1. Last but certainly not least, talk to Jesus.

When I get really overwhelmed in life, you can tell because I start making my To Do list on my left wrist, where I will see it best and constantly be reminded. Recently, I’ve started writing scripture there before my day even begins, or on days I know I may not make it out alive, I’ll write, “Talk to Jesus.” Ultimately, you can study the Bible from beginning to end, know every word to every hymn and worship song, follow every Christian based social media account available and know every best seller that will bring your focus to Jesus, but if you don’t talk to Him, if there’s not a relationship… your focus is warped. God sent Jesus to save us, and to insure that we ourselves can receive the Holy Spirit so that we can have an individual relationship with Him and TALK to him EVERY DAY. Hallelujah, Praise the Lord. I can’t imagine my life without the Holy Spirit, my morning talks (sometimes venting sessions, okay occasional crying, arguing, screaming, … its fine) and daily walks with Jesus are what get me through my day. So be sure you’re talking to him… even if it’s “Hey Jesus, I don’t know what to say to you, but here I am.” That’s how I started, real talk.


Okay now my .5 because I feel like I just had to say this…

Who do you or what do you, surround yourself with?…. that’s not really a tip.. just food for thought… Find some friends that love Jesus the way you want to, and go places that will feed your focus on Jesus. When our focus is on Jesus, we want to be more like him… that’s something we should strive for… so when you find yourself somewhere questionable or with questionable focused humans… ask yourself, “Do I look like Jesus right now?” – (it kinda sucks cause usually the answer is no and you have to adjust your frame of mind and have an intense conversation with Jesus, but it’s fine, we’ve all been there.)


Okay yay! There are your super simple ways to change your focus! Try 1, try 3, try all of them and more!!! Stay focused and keep your mind on things above, the earthly things aren’t worth it! I love you and am praying for you!


“Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” Proverbs 4:23 NIV